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Dave Mortach


Dave Mortach is an economic and retirement expert who lives and works in the town of Avon, Ohio. He is well-known for placing a high value on the success of his clients’ retirement plans above all else when it comes to his business methods, which is one of the many reasons he stands out above his competitors. Dave also differs from other wealth advisors because he encourages his clients to have an active role in creating and maintaining their retirement plans. 

As he and his wife approach the same age as the majority of his clientele, Dave understands more than ever how the ripple effect of longer human life expectancies means there is more at stake than securing a steady source of income after retiring. People also need the one-two punch of ensuring their existing funds increase in value. 

After twenty years of absorbing the stock market and wealth management industries and accumulating valuable experience from his previous roles, Dave’s own company was founded on the principles of education and transparency. One of his most significant accomplishments was securing his customers’ funds over one of the most turbulent decades in stock market history comprised of a lengthy bear market phase that saw over $7 trillion in stock losses and millions more in home foreclosures. Dave Mortach’s clients experienced zero losses during that period, a true testament to his abilities and concern for their wellbeing.

Dave is regularly consulted due to his industry knowledge and experience. He was one of 25 top financial experts from around the nation invited to a roundtable conversation with Nobel laureate and professor Robert Shiller. One of Dave’s specialties is assisting his customers in reaping the benefits of stock market advances while also safeguarding them from the inevitable lows. Dave designs a personalized retirement plan based on his statistical brilliance, analytical knowledge, and customers’ particular long-term retirement objectives in order to flourish in both of these extremes.

Dave prioritizes family time above anything else. Dave and his children enjoy viewing hockey games on television or playing golf, among other pastimes. Dave and his family also enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures and delicacies.

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